Friday, January 27, 2012

Ways to Treat a Window

There are many ways to treat a window in a space, but it is important to first determine what the client's needs are.  There are many factors that play a role in selecting the right treatment for the client and the actual window.  There are also many questions to ask.  Is privacy an objective?  Does sunlight damage need to be addressed?  What is the window type?  How does it operate?  What treatment option would compliment the interior design best?  Does the client need a multi functioning treatment?  Finally, is there a budget?  It's important your clients is aware that window treatments are an  investment; that provides a multitiude of benefits.  From privacey to enery savings, protection from sunlight damage to accoustic enhancements.  Treating the windows in a space adds a finishing touch and makes a space feel more welcoming.
Successful window treatments are not possible without a talented and detail oriented workroom and installer!  These individuals play a crucial role in making sure the finished product is what the client and designer had hoped for.

Through color and texture, these light romans beautifully compliment this space.

These full height drapery panels are accompanied by a transparent grass shade which  provides a second option without loosing the amazing view!
Interior by Design Associates

The drapery above has a translucent panel inserted to allow more natural light to filter into the bathroom without compromising privacey.
Interiorby Design Associates

Here the drapery hardware in hidden by a drop ceiling.  This is a beautiful, seamless design.

A cheerful fabric valance paired with a simple grass roman shade adds fun character to this kitchen without being too overwhelming.

These balloon romans have a delicate feel to them.  Notice the box valace which is a nice custom detail.

The bright drapery panels above add a pop of color to the interior of this small rustic cabin.
Interior by Design Associates

Many details can be added to a treatment.  Here a flat tape was top stiched to add interest.

This beautiful embroidered fabric was wmbellished with a beaded tape along the inside edge of each panel.
Designed by Design Associates

Another example of a drapery panel and grass roman combination.  The panels add volume and height to the space. 

This childerens room was finished by adding fabric romans with a playful valance and pop of trim!