We couldn't keep all of the amazing staircase photos saved all to ourselves any longer!
It seems like this element is often overlooked in a project.  The possibilities once again are endless.  Between riser materials and design, banisters/railings and stair configuration, creating a staircase that is unique to a home or space is more than possible.  Below are some unique design examples.  Enjoy!
These floating stone slabs carry you above a water feature inside the home which flows down had picked rock from the home site and into a pebble river bed.  Although the materials used for the staircase are all very heavy in weight and cold in character, the structure still has a light floating feel.
Interior Design by Design Associates

This staircase is a work of art.  Truly sculpture.

Simple yet elegant.  Love the contrast of black and white.

Timeless beauty.

Compact in size, it can be difficult sometimes to find space in a floor plan for a staircase, especially in existing construction.

A split stairway is a rare find but offers loads of drama!

This is a very unique design.  Beautiful in it's simplicity!

Love this ultra simple rail.  The combination of rustic with clean lines is stunning and really showcases the character of the material.

A memorizing piece of work.

Beautiful unfinished stair.  Again, the focus is the beauty of the material.

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