Friday, October 12, 2012

Industrial Lighting

Industrial design elements don't have to feel sterile, unfinished or cold.  These unique materials and designs bring loads of character to a space. 
There is beauty in simplicity. 

Light fixtures with a simplified design, mixed materials, even up-cycled have been on trend for some time now.  We love the idea of finding a unique item and repurposing it for your home and what better than making it functional as well! 

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A space isn't required to be casual or rustic to accommodate a more industrial fixture!
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Friday, May 4, 2012


Balance is crucial in any design.  A successful interior is visually balanced from every vantage point.  This is achieved using many different elements.  Factors to keep in mind are scale/proportion, color, layout/placement, texture and architecture.  A space should read as one cohesive canvas, your eye should flow from one element to the next.  Every element should be in tune with one another. 
One of my personal favorite design elements is symmetry.  I love the look of pairs.  There is a grandeur about pairs, they immediately create a sense of harmony and balance.  Symmetry is inherently aesthetically pleasing, but one must not rely on the element alone to carry a design you must make certain the design is intriguing.  Symmetry can quickly become uninteresting if not used properly.
Below are some beautiful shots of symmetry found in interiors.


Interior by Windsor Smith







Friday, March 16, 2012

Rack it Up!

Mounts are not most interior designers favorite item to use in a space, however they can be done and done tastefully!
Our favorites to use are the smaller more European style horn mounts which look great in groupings.  See first photo for an example of a bedroom styled in an Alps theme by Design Associates!
Others have come up with more current, creative twits on the traditional mount, for instance wood carvings or wire sculpture to resemble a mount, even wallcovering!
Below are some great examples of spaces which feature this classic motif done right!

Interior by Design Associates

I love the color pallet in this space!  The small horn mounts are the perfect classic detail above the door!

Wallcovering by Schumacher

Wood Carving by Roost

Here it is shown in a very contemporary space.

These mounts work great with the painted wall paneling and wood flooring.

Another painted carving used in a very non-traditional space!  Adds charter and element of surprise!

More exotic mount carvings!

The tiny pair of black horns mount above what looks to be a pantry door is a great detail!

Art above sofa features mounts and metallic but it works!

Another fun grouping!

Did you notice the red wire "rack" on the wall paneling?  Perfect place to hang mittens!

This particular mount could look not so good in most other spaces but here with the white walls and simple fireplace... it works!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fresh Flowers

When ever we photograph any of our work we always make certain we have fresh flowers on hand.  Flowers bring a room to life by their organic nature and delicate texture.  They lighten and brighten an otherwise man-made environment.  Flowers can also enhance colors used in the design of a space by connecting the eye to the flowers pigment and back to the interior; wether it's a fabric, paint color or even texture.
These same pricipals can also be accomplished by using plants.  Ferns, orchids and trees are always a nice addition depending on the space.
If you're looking for a quick way to add a bit of freshness to any space, simply bring in a few live flowers and enjoy!

These beautiful peony's pick up the blush wall covering behind as well as compliment the bright green apples.

Cheerful bachelor buttons add a nice pop of color which also pulls from the quilt over the footboard.
Interior by Design Associates

This beautiful bouquet adds height to the coffee table and also pulls oranges from the funishings.

A luscious bouquet of green hydrangeas is the perfect compliment to this white kitchen.

A collection of rose bud vases atop a simple mantel and fireplace make this photo come alive.

Bright sunflowers soften wood and rock surfaces of this screened in porch.
Interior by Design Associates

A nice punch of color in this neutral bath.

A simple, elegant lily with some height is perfect.
Interior by Design Associates

These add both bright color and good texture.

The soft white tulips mimic the soft carrara stone.

A mix of gerber daisies in found milk jars add warmth and cheer to this breakfast table.

Friday, February 3, 2012


We couldn't keep all of the amazing staircase photos saved all to ourselves any longer!
It seems like this element is often overlooked in a project.  The possibilities once again are endless.  Between riser materials and design, banisters/railings and stair configuration, creating a staircase that is unique to a home or space is more than possible.  Below are some unique design examples.  Enjoy!
These floating stone slabs carry you above a water feature inside the home which flows down had picked rock from the home site and into a pebble river bed.  Although the materials used for the staircase are all very heavy in weight and cold in character, the structure still has a light floating feel.
Interior Design by Design Associates

This staircase is a work of art.  Truly sculpture.

Simple yet elegant.  Love the contrast of black and white.

Timeless beauty.

Compact in size, it can be difficult sometimes to find space in a floor plan for a staircase, especially in existing construction.

A split stairway is a rare find but offers loads of drama!

This is a very unique design.  Beautiful in it's simplicity!

Love this ultra simple rail.  The combination of rustic with clean lines is stunning and really showcases the character of the material.

A memorizing piece of work.

Beautiful unfinished stair.  Again, the focus is the beauty of the material.