Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Office Design Ideas

The dreaded home office.  A space that should be as comfortable as the rest of your home but must also serve as a place of productivity. 
Your problem may be lack of space, location, or accumulation of too much stuff.  Whatever it is, there are many creative options that might help you improve your own home office! 


For instance, if space is your issue, turn a closet into a compact office.  Keep the door on so when not in use the work clutter simply closes away.


If functionality is your problem, try incorporating into your kitchen or main hub of the house area.  This will create a place to store mail, bills and important docs in use; also a designated area for laptop.  Again adding doors can help contain the clutter!

Via House Beautiful

If clutter is the culprit, try installing, shelving for help with organization.


You can also simply attach cork board to a wall, this provides a surface to hold weekly schedules, bills and to-do lists.


Don't forget to be creative!  Add a splash of color to stimulate your mind and get your energy flowing.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green Interiors

I have collected numerous photos of amazing greens and  thought this week was the perfect time to share.  They may inspire you to bring a little more green into your own home.  Warning!  These aren't your Mom's shades of green!  They are for the brave and bold, packed with loads of energy!

Aren't these drapery to die for!!!  The walls are the perfect shade of blue grey to allow the green to take the stage!
Source Unknown
This upholstered bed looks great floating in a room of coral water colored walls.  This has inspired me to try floating a bed in my next bedroom project!
Source Unknown
Who would have thought green plaid could look so fabulous on the ceiling of a kitchen?!
Source Unknown
I think these blue-green hues paired with kelly green and bright yellow make the perfect color combo!
Painting a wood stair an unexpected color is a great way to introduce color to your home in a unique way!  I love how they tied the green in with the frames along the staircase!
Source Unknown
This green plaster beckons you into the room.  The bold patterned rug help balance the space.
Interior by Design Associates
It's surprising this bedroom is as soft as it is with such a strong hue of green.  The white bedding, side table and soft gold stools at end of bed help achieve this.  The pink carpet and dramatic curved headboard work as well.
Source Unknown
Taking an older case piece with great lines and painting it a rich color make it the perfect accent piece for a home!  Don't be fooled, you can easily do this yourself at home with a little bit of elbow grease!
Don't forget to try new hardware for added punch!
Black and white pair great with this true green!
Source Unknown
Dark and cozy.
Source Unknown

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ideas for Styling Shelves

Regardless of where you call home, a  600 square foot loft or 6,000 square foot home, we all have shelving space that needs attention.  Open shelves can be tricky, the items they hold are constantly visible, most of them things we have either collected over time and don't know what to do with, can't get rid of, or things we use ever day and forget they too can be as beautiful as your grandmothers antique sliver platter if styled right.   It's not as difficult as you might think.  With a little creativity and an imagination you can turn the items you have in your home already into beautiful things to look at every day.

These built-in shelves have a green theme.  This creates harmony throughout the individual shelves.  The clay pots above the door are a great example of similar grouping.  This is an easy way to cheat if you're not sure where to begin.
You can never go wrong by keeping it simple.  Here the various photographs are framed in a variety of sizes that have a similar look.  Black frames with white mats are the perfect, classic option that can work with almost any interior style.
Pulling an accent color into the open shelves ties the space together.  Try wrapping random books with the same paper to give them a coordinating, collection look.
Mounting art work or a mirror between shelves can break up a long run and add unexpected character and dimension.
Get rid of loud obnoxious packaging by placing your detergent in clear containers.
Baskets are a great way to organize multiples.
These simple pots and tools become art work when displayed with care.
Windsor Smith does it right with color blocking and simplicity!
Group shades of a color to create unity.
Symmetrical shelves don't have to match perfectly but should speak to one another.
If all else fails, keep it clean and simple!  Always remember not to over accessorize!