Friday, January 21, 2011

Design Associates Top 10 Pendants

From vintage to modern, crafty to clean there are most likely hundreds of well designed pendants which fit the mold.
No matter your personal taste or the space, the perfect pendant does exist.
With a plethora of sources available to designers, at times it's a bit difficult to choose the perfect light over another.  So instead you make the best choice for both your client and the interior and tuck the others away in a safe spot where you can go as soon as another selection is needed!
Below is our selection of the Best Top 10 pendants (for the moment)...
Let us know what You think!





Global Eclectic

Crafty or Rustic





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Friday, January 14, 2011

Natural Contrast

Below is a design scheme we are loving right now and can't wait to put to use in one of our clients homes!  The combination of wood, stone, iron, sisal and other natural fibers is the perfect blend of materials for a subtle organic look, while the contrast of the light and dark materials adds a pop of interest.
Overall, a neutral palette with mixed textures and shapes creates a simple and clean design while still reflecting a bit of drama.

This fun mirror has a wonderful unfinished look about it while still looking regal!

We love the patterned texture on this iron pendant.

These organic yet glamorous papers are by Osborne & Little.

This room as a wonderful mix of materials while keeping the overall look very collected.
This sofa has a clean, simple look with a unique back detail which keeps it interesting.

The perfect ethnic print fabric!
We love this coffee table and its stunning clean lines softened by the beautiful natural stone top.

Sisal is a fantastic natural material that works well combined with almost any design style!  Swatch above by Merida.

The various textures and materials in this neutral space add great character and interest.

Holly Hunt as some of the best natural fabrics available to designers today.  Against the Ropes above.

The two materials used in this shower are the perfect pair like salt is to pepper!  We think this contrast is simply stunning!