Friday, November 12, 2010

Luxe Leather

Leather conjures up images of beauty, luxury, and prestige, involving almost all of the senses- touch, smell and sight.  The appeal of leather is timeless and universal.  Today, there is a demand for a return to natural things.  What could be more natural than leather?
-Edelman Leather
Club Chair with Tufting and Nail Head Details

We LOVE to use leather in our designs whenever possible!
It's a material which works perfectly with any territory, adding texture and warmth to a space.  When upholstered, a piece of furniture, if properly taken care of will be sure to outlast most end-users.  The best characteristic of leather is it's beautiful aging ability.  Most leathers with daily wear and tear, only get better over time.  Added character (even if it is a scratch here and there) and increased suppleness from use, give the piece of furniture a story which says "I have been loved & enjoyed!".  The best are those wonderfully aged gentleman's cigar chairs where the placement of his hands at the end of the arms is worn and faded with use.  Leather has been used for centuries and is sure to continue as a staple for design to come.
Today leather is available in a variety of colors textures and even patterns.  On the right you can see photos of some of our favorite samples here in our office that we can hardly wait to use!  Enjoy!

Upholstered Leather Headboard
Design Associates

Aged Leather Side Chairs

Leather and Fabric Dining Chairs Mixed
Design Associates

Grouping of Leather Chairs
Design Associates

Beautifully Worn Arm Chair

 A Bright Leather Pair
Design Associates