Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inspiration found in Italy

Welcome to the world of Exquisite Dwellings!
We thought it would be appropriate to begin our blog with our recent trip to Europe!  After a busy Holiday season our office decided a trip to find some new inspiration was just what we needed!
Italy has more to offer than anyone could possibly describe!  We were inspired by everything Italian- from cuisine to architecture, landscape and art.  Needless to say we arrived back in the states refreshed and full of fabulous design ideas just waiting to be put to use!  See some of our photos from our trip below!

View from the Borghese gardens overlooking Rome.

Lunch in Rome!

Painted ceiling in the Vatican.
The color of this building caught our eye as we made our way down the Spanish steps.  We love the contrast of the dark shutters against the rich patina of the stucco.
This is Vernazza on the Mediterranean coast, we stayed in a quaint little apartment overlooking the water!
Beautiful mosaic tile design found in a church in Florence.  It has become the inspiration for a current project!

Uniquely colored beans found in the central Florence market!
We look forward to seeing you again soon!