Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Suzani

The suzani has recently become very popular in textiles.  You probably see the stylized botanical motif all over but aren't sure what to call it or even where it originates from.

Well this wonderful, whimsical design dates back to the 18th century in Central Asia, what is now Uzbekistan.  These hand crafted works of art began as an intimate part of the culture.  The piece was traditionally started when a daughter of the family was born and was continued by members of the family and friends until it was complete as the brides dowry. 
The hand stitching was first done using lavish silk thread, but today is typically done using linen, cotton,  or wool thread.  They can even be woven or printed.
This wonderful pattern adds character and charm to any space!

Below are a few suzani fabrics from our library!