Friday, April 15, 2011

Kyle Bunting

We LOVE creative,  unique design!  Kyle Bunting is one our favorite artisans' to use because of his beautiful original designs! 
Kyle Bunting is an Austin based designer who works solely with hide as his medium (many refer to him as "the hide master"). He makes everything from rugs, wallcoverings, upholstery, and even furniture--all of which is pretty amazing considering no one else does what he does on the high-end design scale. While others do create hide rugs, no other designer has translated this chic (and soft!) floor décor onto walls and other surfaces the way Kyle has. 

He works with an extensive color palette and can custom make any piece to fit rooms with unconventional shapes or dimensions in order to make his clients visions a reality.  Recently, Kyle has installed a piece in the W Hotel in Dallas, created custom pieces for Saudi Royalty, and even created his own take on Hollywood's "Red Carpet", which has been used at events in Los Angeles including Oscar parties. He is a much sought after designer with a highly innovative design concept and has done work all over the world in hotels, residences, and yachts.

Below are some pictures of Kyle's work, including a photo of a family room by Design Associates featuring a Kyle Bunting rug.  Also a couple of photos to help illustrate the rug design process we went through.
Visit   to view his complete collection.

Jet Stream Rug and Hide Paper on Wall

Bittersweet Rug by Kyle Bunting in Family Room
Interior by Design Associates

Bunting Look Book with Hide Sample Card
This was were we selected the hide colors and design.

4x4 of Hides Selected

Sample of design with hides selected sent from Kyle Bunting for approval.

Rug rendering sent from Kyle Bunting for Approval.

Greystone Carpet

Eclipse Pattern

Hide Paper on Bar Front

Mr.Crowley Pattern

Surrender Rug

Kyle Bunting standing on one of his beautiful creations.