Friday, March 18, 2011

Keen on Green

Anyone will tell you- spring in Montana doesn't really exist.  A sunny afternoon can easily turn into a chilly evening snow storm.  Honestly this is no exaggeration! 
So as many travelers, friends and family are away for a couple days to enjoy some better weather and escape from the grey chilly spring weather here, I thought a little green might add a bit of cheer to the drab outside.  A fitting topic for both spring and St. Patrick's Day! 
Here at least I can pretend it's actually spring outside!

Love the oversized scale of this upholstered headboard!  The grass wallcovering is perfect behind the playful patterned fabric.
Interior Unknown

The contrast of the kelly green subway tiles with the white cabinets, shelves and walls creates a crisp look.
Interior Unknown

I thought this was a very clever color to paint  in an entry/foyer!  Very dramatic with the dark stairs and white ceiling.
Interior Unknown

A glamorized green bath!  Who knew?
Interior Unknown

This cozy family room has beautifully plastered walls in a green shade pulled form the custom rug.
Interior- Design Associates

The mix of luxurious velvet with the exposed aged timbers on the ceiling is a wonderful contrast.
 The chaise at the end of the bed looks like the most lovely place to read a book.  Notice the coordinating drapery! 

The pendants above this island add just the right amount of pop to the kitchen!
Interior Unknown

Out of all the shades of  green in the design world, nothing can compete with mother nature.

Inspiration for my office under construction!  I think a jade plant would be perfect!
Photo- Carrier & Company